Your personnalized market research.

Smarter. Faster.

Graph Guru reveals the true nature of your market. The self-service platform collects the data, adds understanding via AI, and maps it all in a knowledge graph.

Results in hours, not months

Traditionnal research is full of manual steps. Scopes of 10-15 countries thus takes 2 to 5 months to complete. On the other hand, in a few hours Graph Guru crawls domain-specific web sources and meticulously cleans the data at a massive scale.

Do not overpay your research.

Graph Guru is an automated serverless platform, an efficient IT infrastructure. We pass the cost savings to our customers.

Higher ROI with Actionnable Insights

Have you ever asked yourself "what's next?" in front of a dashboard? Graph Guru fills the gap between data and action by providing your teams with function-specific recommendations.

Integrated powerful data matcher for CRM integration

You might need to import key knowledge into your CRM for day-to-day management. Our solution leverages big data technologies and a serie of algorythms to deliver a high matching rate. You will be able to make billions of comparisons in a few minutes. We handle the heavy-lifting of this massive compute-intensive task, you get back the results ready for integration.